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Purchase of gold and silver - Best Price in Belgrade

Kadoš Company Ltd. is buying gold and silver, seat us in Belgrade, Gavrilo Princip 46a. Redemption for gold and silver has always been in the description of our work but lately it's kind of become the head of our work, as the price of gold has increased tremendously in the last few years people are increasingly deciding to sell your gold or silver. So if you're wondering: "Where to sell gold?" Or you just interested in what the value of your gold, you've come to the right place.

If you have larger amounts of gold or silver that you want to sell, we offer the possibility of more favorable arrangements so that increases the value of gold in relation to standard values of the current offer. Offer gold and buying gold in Serbia varies every day, to get information about the variation of the price of gold, see this chart that represents the change in the value of gold in the past year:

Trenutna cena zlata po gramu (za period od proteklih godinu dana)

Our prices generally follow prices from the chart (international exchange of gold), the point at which you think is best to sell gold or silver up to you, on our website you can follow the movement of prices of gold and silver every day at any time (prices on all graphs on our web site are generated automatically non-stop).

Sell gold, but where to sell gold?

We operate on the principle of money in hand, after checking the quality of gold or silver as well as weighing offer you the price according to the valid price list is formed you in order to daily price of gold and silver on the world market. If you accept our offer we give you on the spot we pay cash and issue account, it should be noted that in our increasingly transparent, secure and standards laid down and you have to have an ID when selling to recorded when, as and when sales for the purpose of transparency business and compliance with statutory requirements.

About Us

We purchase a variety of precious metals such as gold, silver, costly stones, watch and other valuables, Take the opportunity and simply misplaced value for money, which means you now!